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LISA Reach – November 2022 Wave 1 Release – Release Notes

NEW FEATURES – LISA Reach Sales (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales)

File Name: LISAReachSales_Nov2022_Wave1.zip

Enterprise Subscription Automation CRM Solution: SubscriptionManagementCDM_1_2022_7_18_managed.zip (New Version)

Dual Write Maps: BluefortSubscriptionManagementdualwriteextensions_1_0_0_29_managed.zip (New Version)

New Features:

  • Via a new table/view/form in the Configurations area of the Enterprise Subscription Automation model driven app, it is now possible to manage defaults for subscription opportunity lines and subscription quote lines such as the Reason Code, Cycle Start date and cycle length configuration and whether to align with the Global Start Date if this is set. This is important especially when using the new “Add products” functionality recently added by Microsoft which can be enabled from the configuration of the Sales Hub.

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements.

NEW FEATURES – LISA Reach Operations (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations)

File Name: LISAReachOperations_Nov2022_Wave1.zip

LISA Reach Operations CRM Solution: BluefortLISAProjectOperationsIntegration_1_0_0_2_managed.zip (New Version)

Dual Write Maps: BluefortLISAProjectOperationsDualWrite_1_0_0_1_managed.zip (No changes)

New Features:

  • It is now possible to create subscriptions linked to project quotes and project contracts. Minor improvements were also done to the batch job creating subscription plans for project operations to control which Project subscriptions lines are automatically picked up by the batch job for batch processing and which ones will be process manually. This is linked to the data process described below.

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements.

Dual Write mappings changes

CDS Subscription Plans – (LISA Reach Sales)

Deployment Guides

LISA BusinessPro

LISA Reach Sales

LISA Reach Operations

Updated on May 28, 2023

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