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Bluefort TAPP Payment Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales – Deployment

TAPP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales – Deployment and Configuration


This page explains how you can get TAPP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales deployed and configured in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Environment. Contact Bluefort support on support@bluefort.eu if you have any questions.


In order to successfully deploy this product you need to have a Microsoft Dataverse environment with a database and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales app deployed.

It is recommended to conduct testing, training and integration testing with nay other solutions in a test environment first before using the software on a production environment.

Obtaining the Software

The Software can be downloaded from Microsoft AppSource. These are the high-level steps:

  1. Browse to Microsoft AppSource.
  2. Make sure you are logged in to AppSource with a user from the same tenant where you would like to install TAPP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.
  3. Click on the Install Now button.
  4. Confirm your detail and click on the Install button.
  5. You are now automatically re-directed to Power Platform admin center.
  6. Within Power Platform admin center, select the target environment where you want to install the software, agree to the legal terms and privacy statements and click on the Install button.
  7. The installation will start within Power Platform admin center.


Upon successful deployment of the solution you should see a new model driven app called Bluefort TAPP in the main menu of Dynamics 365 as shown in the screenshot below.

Assignment of Dataverse (CRM) roles

Once the model driven app is visible in the environment, the next step would be for a user with the System Administrator role to assign other roles to the application so that other non-admin users are able to access the application. This can be done by clicking on the ellipses (3 dots) right above the name of the model driven app (i.e. beneath the Bluefort TAPP logo) and then clicking on Manage Roles in the menu which pops up.

Once this is clicked, a new slider menu is displayed where one can assign which roles can access the Enterprise Subscription Automation model driven app. Both standard CRM roles and custom CRM roles which are specific to the organisation can also be assigned to the application.

Onboard your Dataverse (CRM) environment to GoCardless

The first step is to open the Bluefort TAPP model driven app by clicking on the Bluefort TAPP logo in the apps menu. Then click on TAPP onboardings and click on the New button to create a new onboarding record.

In the form’s General Tab:

  1. enter a Name for the onboarding record
    1. Set Onboarding Type to GoCardless Merchant
    1. Set Onboarding Sub-Type to Sandbox or Live (depending on what GoCardless API endpoint type you want to connect to)

Do not click Save yet but go to the GoCardless Tab and provide a value for:

  • Direct Debit Payment Time Fence – this is the number of days a direct debit payment is charged after the invoice is created.
    • GoCardless Redirect URL – this is the web page your customers will be re-directed to once they complete a billing request flow / mandate onboarding.
    • GoCardless Exit URL – this is the web page your customers will be re-directed to once if the billing request flow / mandate onboarding flow exists unexpectedly, expires etc.

You may now proceed to save the record.

Once the record is saved, back on the General Tab, the Onboarding URL is generated. The onboarding URL is used to onboard the CRM organisation (i.e. the legal entity using CRM) as a GoCardless merchant (sometimes also referred to as Creditor). Thus this URL should be sent over to the merchant admin if the CRM SysAdmin is not the Merchant Admin. In a production/live scenario, the merchant admin should be a legal representative of the legal entity who has the authority to sign up the legal entity as a GoCardless merchant.

Note: It is VERY IMPORTANT that the legal representative has an enabled user in the Dynamics 365 / Dataverse environment and is assigned a role that provides admin access to the app during onboarding. If the user no longer requires access to Dynamics 365 / Dataverse the role and user assignment can be revoked after the merchant onboarding process is complete.

Once the legal representative of the legal entity receives the Onboarding URL and clicks it, the GoCardless hosted page is presented. This wizard will guide the user through the merchant onboarding process for the legal entity. The first step in this wizard is to create an account with GoCardless or sign-in if the legal entity was already signed up to GoCardless in the past.

At the end of the wizard the user will be re-directed to a page on the bluefort website and here it is important to click on the button indicated in order to send the token and organisation information to the Dynamics 365 Sales / dataverse.

Clicking this button would redirect the user back to a page where the user should receive confirmation pop-up that the Merchant onboarding is successful. Please ensure that the page or browser session is only closed after this pop-up is displayed.

After the legal representative receives the success message the onboarding can be verified by ensuring that the Verification status has the value Successful. In a Sandbox environment the Verification status goes straight to Successful but in a live/production environment the initial status will typically be In Review until the merchant application status is reviewed by GoCardless. If the Verification status is set to Action Required then it means that GoCardless require further information before your legal entity can be successfully onboarded as a merchant.

Getting the latest Verification Status

The latest Verification Status can be obtained by clicking on the Test Merchant Connection button in the ribbon of the TAPP Onboarding form. The results are displayed in the GoCardless Merchant Connection section.

Once Merchant is correctly linked message is display and the Verification status field has the value Successful, this means that you have successfully completed deployment and configuration of Bluefort TAPP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and GoCardless!

GoCardless API Health Check

You can test connectivity to the GoCardless API by clicking the GoCardless API Health Check button on the ribbon of the TAPP Onboarding form. The results are displayed in the GoCardless Health Check section.

A successful health check results in the message: GoCardless API is up and running.

Click Here to see a demo of configuration and day-to-day use of Bluefort TAPP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Updated on June 9, 2023

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