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Bluefort TAPP – June 2024 Release – Release Notes

NEW FEATURES – MS Dynamics 365 Finance (FinOps) – TAPP FINANCE

New features included for TAPP Finance:

‘Surcharge Fee’ GoCardless Payout Item type – We have introduced a new feature to process payout items categorized as “Surcharge Fee”. In the GoCardless Payout form, a new tab named Chargebacks has been added. This tab filters all payout items related to chargebacks, including “Payment Charged Back”, “GoCardless Fee”, and “Surcharge Fee”.

Key additions:

Menu Item: Process Surcharge Fee: Located within the new Chargebacks tab, this option allows users to process “Surcharge Fee” items. It facilitates the creation of a Vendor Invoice Journal and a Vendor Payment Journal to balance these items for accounting purposes.

Menu Item: Post and Settle Surcharge Fee: Another menu item has been introduced to post and settle the vendor invoice, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate financial records.

These enhancements aim to simplify the management and accounting of surcharge fees and chargeback-related payout items.

Migrating open customer transactions for GoCardless refunds and payments – Open customer transactions are stamped with a payment and refund ID if the payment was refunded. This field is named “payment ID” on the user interface. This field is split by a pipe “|” which displays “PM….|RF….” PM = Payment ID and RF = Refund ID.

Clear GoCardless Customer ID – This feature now adds the ability to clear the GoCardless mandate ID on a customer level, without removing the GoCardless customer ID. This is a menu item which can be found within the customer account under the “sell” section in the action pane, which is named “Clear GoCardless customer ID.” This provides the ability to create new GoCardless mandates with an existing GoCardless customer.

Creating of Credit and Collection cases/tasks for GoCardless failed payments – When a failed payment is received, a credit and collection task is generated to notify the customer. A reason code as to why the payment has failed will be attached to the task/case being sent to the customer. The outstanding invoice amount will be attached too.

Update payment method on customer when there is a change on their GoCardless Direct Debit mandate – When a mandate is cancelled, the method of payment will be altered to a non Direct Debit (i.e. Cash/Cheque), therefore, the open subscription plans linked to the customer will also be altered to a non Direct Debit method of payment.

Auto Cancellation batch job for GoCardless Direct Debit – Added a process which can be configured to run in batch that cancels any active mandates for customers without an outstanding balance.

Creating of Credit and Collection cases/tasks for GoCardless – Added the option of enabling entries within the standard credits and collections for when a GoCardless offline mandate fails to be created and for when a GoCardless payment fails to be processed.

NEW FEATURES – MS Dynamics 365 Sales (Dataverse) – TAPP CRM / TAPP CRM ERP

No new features included for TAPP CRM / TAPP CRM ERP:

NEW FEATURES – MS Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC)

No new features included for TAPP BC

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements.

Deployment Guides

Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Bluefort TAPP Payment Automation

Updated on July 5, 2024

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