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LISA Reach – September 2023 Wave 2 Release – Release Notes

NEW FEATURES – LISA Reach Sales (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales)


NEW FEATURES – LISA Reach Operations (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations)

Credit note creation from ProjOps – It is now possible to create credit notes from Project Operations to Finance and Operations. This involves full cancellation of a subscription line (Credit everything and cancel) with the ability to credit different transaction types on a single invoice initiated in Project Operations by crediting the original invoice. Also the automatic reversal of recognized revenue (based on deferral schedule linked to original project sales order) and cancellation of the original project sales order deferral schedule was also developed.



Dual Write mappings changes


Deployment Guides

LISA BusinessPro

LISA Reach Sales

LISA Reach Operations

Updated on September 15, 2023

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