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LISA BusinessPro February 2024 Wave 1 Release 10.0.37 – Release Notes (10.2024.2.2)


Current ARR / New ARR for the customer and Subscription plan lines – This provides the users using both the Subscription plans and the Quotation forms, insights on the current ARR and next ARR value perceived by the respective plan lines or plans. The information fields shown at quote header and quote line level would show the same values based on the newly quoted for lines together with the past and already invoiced items on the plan. 

The values are refreshed periodically with the specific batch job Calculate ARR Fields which is run in batch on a standard D365 recurrence cadence. 

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements. 

Known issues 

Bug 5412: Prorated amount for February 2024 leap year not calculating the correct amount 

You can see a list of known issues and their status by clicking here

FinOps Data jobs to be executed 


Dual write mappings changes 

Deployment Guides 

LISA BusinessPro 

LISA Reach Sales 

LISA Reach Operations 

Updated on February 2, 2024

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