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LISA June 2021 Release 10.0.18 – Release Notes

PQ Wizard – This version contains the first version of the CPQ wizard for subscriptions which will continue get more enhancements in the forthcoming releases. 

Intercompany subscriptions – It is now possible to create Intercompany subscriptions between two legal entities created within Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps. 

New Sales/Purchase order creation strategy option – A new option has been added to the Sales/Purchase order creation strategy fields which allows orders to be grouped on the basis of the master contract they form part of. 

Master Contract link to Project Contract – It is now possible to link a LISA Master Contract to a Project Contract from the standard Project Management and Accounting module. The link is optional. 

Add existing subscription plans to existing master contracts – It is now possible to add existing subscriptions plans to existing master contracts. 

Automatic creation of Master Contracts for Project Contracts coming from Dynamics 365 Project Operations – Based on a new parameter (which must be turned on), if a subscription is created for a project coming from Dynamics 365 Project Operations, then the system will check if a master contract already exists which is linked to the Project Contract of the project. If the master contract does not exist, then a new master contract linked to the Project Contract is created based on the subscription template defined in a new field on the parameters form. The subsequent creation of subscription plans for this project will be linked to the found or created Master Contract

Master contract cancellation – If you cancel a master contract all child subscription plans will now be automatically cancelled. Note that the Cancellation with Reversal option is not available on the Master Contract level and must be done on a plan-by-plan basis. 

Master contracts list page – Master contracts can be viewed in their own list page.  

Project hours entitlements functionality improvement – The project hours entitlements functionality improvement on Project Invoice Proposal now works in a more ‘real-time’ fashion. The Net amount balance (and status change when this reaches zero) will be reduced immediately upon Project Invoice Proposal creation or when clicking the Re-calculate button and not only upon posting of the Project Invoice proposal. There is also a new field on the Project Invoice Proposal line to manually exclude a project invoice proposal line from the re-calculation logic of the entitlements. 

‘Pending hours’ field on ‘Project Hours entitlement’ actions – A new field on the actions table shows you the amount of project hours on invoice proposals which are covered by the entitlement action but not yet invoiced. 

New data entity and Project Operations CE table to synchronize ‘Project Hours entitlement’ actions – A new data entity in FnO and a new Project Operations CE table have been created. These store ‘Project Hours entitlement’ actions so they can be linked together via dual-write.  

Consumption meterage functionality improvements – If a sales order action which marked a meterage record is cancelled, then the meterage record will no longer remain billed. If an entitlement was consumed from an entitlement action this is now re-added to the action, if the sales order action which billed the meterage record gets cancelled. 

Data jobs to be executed 

Update subscription plan master contract – It is important to run this data job immediately after deployment of the LISA April 2021 CU 1 release or later if your system already has master contracts before the deployment of this release. Failure to do so can result in sorting errors in the Subscription Management cockpit. 

Updated on May 16, 2023

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