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LISA BusinessPro November 2023 Wave 2 Release 10.0.36 – Release Notes (10.2023.11.6)


GCL: Payment gateway Action Cleanup  – The user has been allowed to create a periodic task run as batch to cleanup GCL past actions. This was improved with the latest security privileges together with the configuration key. A minor improvement was also added to the relevant Cancel and Generate buttons for IBP actions.  

Linked Sales order lines linked consumed by entitlement – A new form has been added to the Customer entitlements menu item where the user can now see the linked sales order lines with the selected customer entitlement. 

Automatic Entitlement Cancellation  – Automatic entitlement cancellation will be processed as a batch job if enabled and setup together with the standard D365FO Credit and collections module. The Credit and Collections module parameters need to be setup initially for the new feature to be able to automatically cancel the entitlements of customers where ageing payments are outstanding depending on configurations defined in Credit and collections. 

Entitlement overage – Entitlement overage functionality on released products allow the users to distinguish whether the entitlement overage over and above the entitled amount should be split into a new order line to be billed, or whether and error is shown. The Entitlement overage amount can also be inherited at Order level from the relevant release products configurations either as a flat amount or based on the quantity defined for the line. 

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements. 

The last LISA BusinesPro release for year ending 2023 will be LISA BusinessPro December 2023 wave 1 Release on 10.0.36

Known issues 

You can see a list of known issues and their status by clicking here

FinOps Data jobs to be executed 


Dual write mappings changes 

LISA Reach Sales Dataverse Dual Write Maps 

CDS sales quotation header v 

CDS sales order headers v 

Deployment Guides 

LISA BusinessPro 

LISA Reach Sales 

LISA Reach Operations 

Updated on November 28, 2023

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