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LISA BusinessPro June 2023 Wave 2 Release 10.0.33 – Release Notes (10.2023.6.6)


Cancelled Status for Subscription Quotation – It is now possible to indicate a cancelled quote status from LISA Reach Sales with a new CDS cancelled field on the quotation to indicate this. This is useful for more granular reporting separating cancelled quotes from lost quotes.

Ability to use Dynamics 365 Project Operations retainers functionality for Project Subscriptions – Standard Retainers in Project operations with LISA BusinessPro can now be utilized by billing the retainer to a customer on a project contract. The retainer is applied against actual time and material transactions, together with subscription-based product billing. Where actuals exceed the balance of the retainer, the balance exceeded is billed to the customer. Actuals can be hours, expenses, material usage, fees and project subscriptions. Fully consuming the value of the retainer before the contract term ends, a new contract can be established with a new retainer. Actual material usage transactions are now created in ProjOps for each project subscription line. With this feature we have improved the billing of subscriptions by standardizing this with other transaction types where billing is triggered from ProjOps. It is important to note that in this version of the feature the user can now invoice a project subscription line on its own or in conjunction with other transaction types.  

Detached revenue recognition event from billing for project subscriptions – In standard project deferrals it is not possible to detach revenue recognition posting from invoicing/billing (RevRec posting follows invoicing). With the release of this feature, the revenue recognition event is separated from the billing event and thus deferral revenue schedules may now be created and recognised prior to the billing/invoicing of the relevant subscription contract line. This feature is based on the capabilities that are part of standard Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations in conjunction with the subscription management in LISA BusinessPro. From LISA’s subscription plans and the related product setup the application will automatically generate deferral schedules when subscription plan lines are created. Once the revenue deferral schedule has been created, financial controllers can recognize all periodic determined revenue as part of for example the month end closing process. The recognition process will post the amounts deferred to the actual revenue accounts as determined by the deferral default settings linked to the product via deferral templates.  

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements.

Known issues

You can see a list of known issues and their status by clicking here.

FinOps Data jobs to be executed

Sync quote CDS cancelled – If you have quotes cancelled before this released and you would like to also synchronize the CDS cancelled flag to true for cancelled quotes then you can run this data job. The job works across companies.

Dual write mappings changes

Please click here for dual write table map changes.

Deployment Guides

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LISA Reach Sales

LISA Reach Operations

Updated on June 23, 2023

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