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LISA BusinessPro July 2023 Wave 1 Release 10.0.33 – Release Notes (10.2023.7.1)


Activate / Deactivate Multiple plan lines – It is now possible to Enable / Disable multiple lines at once, specifying a shared reason code amongst the selected lines. This functionality is available through the Subscription management cockpit and from the All subscription plan lines page. 

Changing Billing posting profile on header cascades to Plan Lines – This functionality allows the user changing the Billing posting profile on the Subscription plan header level to automatically apply the same change to all plan lines by clicking yes on the dialog box shown. 

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements.

Known issues

You can see a list of known issues and their status by clicking here.

FinOps Data jobs to be executed

Sync quote CDS cascade global start date – Syncing the Cascade global start date flag between CRM  and FO and resetting the flag to false for inconsistent cases. This data job runs across all Legal entities.

Dual write mappings changes


Deployment Guides

LISA BusinessPro

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LISA Reach Operations

Updated on July 11, 2023

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