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Understanding Subscription Sources

Subscription Plan Sources 

Besides creating subscription plans manually in the Subscription management cockpit there are other processes which trigger the creation of subscription plans and lines. These are: 

  1. Custom LISA web services – these expose both a JSON and SOAP endpoint. For more information on such endpoints please review the Integration lesson. 
  1. LISA entities – these are used in DIXF imports and as oDATA endpoint 
  1. Sales Quotations – It is possible to create a sales quotations of type subscription which when confirmed creates a subscription plan. 
  1. Project Quotations and Projects – By adding an WBS activity of type item which is of type subscription product you can then trigger the creation of a subscription plan through the “Transfer from WBS to subscription” button. 
  1. Subscription copies – If you copy a subscription plan this results in the creation of a copy of that subscription plan 
  1. Subscription templates – You can expedite the process of subscription creation by starting from a subscription plan template 
  1. Intercompany subscriptions – When configured as such, a subscription plan created in one legal entity can trigger the creation of a subscription in another legal entity (December 2020 release onwards) 
  1. Dynamics 365 Project Operations – Subscription plans can be triggered from a project created with Dynamics 365 Project Operations. 

The diagram below summarised the subscription plan sources discussed above. 

Updated on May 14, 2023

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