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LISA September 2021 CU1 Release 10.0.20 – Release Notes


Note: This is a cumulative update on the September 2021 Release. For a  full update about new features please refer to the release notes of LISA September 2021 Release. 

Reason codes on actions – Reason codes from the subscription plan line are copied over to the action records. 

Actions merging – The merging of multiple subscription plan lines into one action has been further stabilised and made more transparent through the following features, which only activate when action merging takes place: 

  1. an inquiry form ‘Subscription action – Subscription line links’ which shows which actions are linked to which subscription plan lines for merged actions only 
  1. A “Multi-line” flag which is ticked only when an action is the result of merging multiple subscription plan lines. 

Improvements to ‘Subscription revenue analysis’ form – This form now takes into account currency conversions and provide an extra option to explode the analysis by month of year.   

Bug fixes and Performance Improvements. You can see a list of known issues and their status by clicking here

Data jobs to be executed 

Sync subscription action reason code – From the September 2021 CU1 release reason codes are copied over to the actions. Customers who want this to happen on historical data should run this job. This job works across all legal entities (companies) where LISA is enabled. 

Updated on May 16, 2023

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