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LISA October 2020 Release 10.0.13 -Release Notes


Master Contracts It is now possible to group subscriptions into a Master Contract. 

Vendor Contracts It is now possible to create vendor-only contracts from the vendor contract cockpit. 

Rounding - It is now possible to enable rounding on a plan and plan line level. 

Improved add-ons functionality - Icon for add-ons, add-on percent based on full parent amount or discounted parent amount, etc 

Plan line Billing posting profile - It is now possible to override the header Billing Posting Profile with a Billing Posting profile on the plan line level. 

Automatic Billing Posting Profiles - It is now possible to set automatic posting profiles per billing posting profile which are automatically selected based on the number of remaining months in a cycle. 

Revenue recognition enhancements - it is now possible to manually specify manual revenue and cost recognition amounts on the plan line. 

Product linked templates - It is now possible to link subscription templates to a released subscription product. When this product is added to a plan as a plan line, the linked templates are created as plans for the same customer or customer master contract. 

Copy lines function - It is now possible to copy plan lines from another subscription plan line without copying the header. 

Credit note function - It is now possible to create a credit note from a specific date for one or more selected subscription plan lines 

Churn reason code - It is now possible to define the Churn reason code. A reason code must be provided when cancelling a plan so that churned plans can be separated from cancellation due to user errors. 

Default order settings on customer - When firming an action of type SO or PO the logic now can fall back to default order settings on the customer, if not set on the item-level 

Quotation and Project WBS line details improvements - Creating Quotation lines and WBS line details for a subscription item is now more flexible. 

Various bug fixes and performance improvements 

Data jobs to be executed 

Sync order line numbers from subscription plan lines – This job is required for re-ordering add-ons in conjunction with parents which requires a different line number than the existing line number field forming part of the primary key set of the table. 

Known issues for this release (will be fixed in December 2020 release) 


Updated on May 16, 2023

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