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LISA March 2022 Release 10.0.24 – Release Notes


Note: Some of the features listed below might have already been made available in one of the CUs of the January 2022 release. 

Subscription history and timeline – When the new parameter Subscription history details is turned on under Subscription versioning a new button Subscription history appears in the Customer form and Subscription Management Cockpit. This shows detailed history of all user changes done to the subscription. The same information can also be viewed in the Auditing > Notifications screen as lines to notification audit records. The history records are also linked as Notes (annotations) to customers and Subscription Plans in the Subscription Automation Model Driven App in CRM/CE/Dataverse when activating the new dual write table map which is included for this purpose. 

Pause subscriptions – Via a new pause button on the subscription plan it is now possible to pause the subscription. This means that the master process will not generate a new action however, start/end/renewal dates on the subscription plan lines of the subscription plan are still updated. This is different from an unpublished subscription plan because an unpublished subscription plan is not processed at all by the master process. 

Bulk unpublish subscription plans – This is a new batch job which allows you to unpublish subscription plans in bulk based on a query. This is particularly useful to be able to perform bulk updates to subscription plans. The Bulk publish subscription plans batch job already existed in previous versions.  

Ability to separate invoice and credit note actions – This is a new parameter which, when ticked, does not merge positive and negative subscription plan lines into one action even if all criteria for merging match. This is useful for customers who want to show invoice lines and credit note lines separately on the invoice and not as one combined line with the delta. 

Ability to set a one-time-fee as fixed – This is a new parameter on the released product. When ticked, the calculated price for a one-time-fee is fixed not the price per month and thus is not multiplied by the number of months in the cycle. 

Immediate Revenue/Cost Recognition Percentage – This is a new percentage field on the billing posting profile. If a value is entered in this field, the percentage value entered is recognized immediately in the first period. The rest percent is deferred according to the accrual scheme configuration chosen. 

Recognise Revenue/Cost in the first and last day of month pro-rated by number of days – This is a new flag on the billing posting profile. If ticked, revenue recognition for the first and last month covered by the action start and end dates will be done pro-rata by the number of days. 

Override Sales Price – This is a new numeric field on the subscription plan line. If a value is entered in this field (manual override) it will be used as the basis for the action value calculation and not the value resulting from the standard logic calculation. 

P+EP – Default maintenance items – On released products whose parent Master data Product linked to subscription type “P+EP”, you can select a default maintenance release product. This is optional and can be overridden or clear on the subscription plan line level.  

P+EP – Renewal Options – On previous versions it was only possible to set Renewal Options on Per unit subscriptions. Now it is also possible to configure renewal options on Perpetual + Enhancement Plan subscriptions. 

Partner Margin – It is now possible to set a partner margin. This is not treated as a discount posting. The partner margin for enhancement actions can also be specified and can be set in parameters to be calculated either on the Billing period sales amount excluding sales tax (VAT) or on the Gross billing period sales amount

Crediting a subscription plan when a fiscal period is closed – When turning on the new parameter Use session/system date as action date credit notes and reversals that fall before the session/system date are rolled up as a total and posted on the system/session date. This is useful if the previous financial periods are already closed.  

Pro-rata in days – In this release we are exposing the option to control whether the pro-rata calculation should be in days, or not in both quotes and subscription plans. Previous functionality was pro-rata in days for monthly and yearly subscription only.  

Customer Requisition and Customer Reference from quote – If these fields are set on the CRM/FO quote they are copied over to the subscription plan, the generated actions linked to that plan and subsequently even to sales orders/lines upon firming. 

Per Unit: Generate Credit Note plan lines from quote line – It is now possible to set the “Credit from” date field on the Subscription quote line in both the Dataverse/CRM Subscription Management Model Driven App and also from the Sales Quotation form in FO. When a subscription quotation is confirmed, this will generate a subscription plan line of type credit note starting from the date specified. 

P+EP: Specific financial dimensions for enhancement/maintenance actions – When the relevant parameter is turned on, it is now possible to specify a different set financial dimensions for the enhancement/maintenance actions at the subscription plan line level. If you intend to make use of this feature and already have P+EP plans in your environment, please refer to the data job mentioned below. 

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements.  

Known issues 

You can see a list of known issues and their status by clicking here

FinOps Data jobs to be executed 

To ensure consistent functionality for day pro-ration a critical data job will run automatically across all companies when a user opens one of the subscription management forms. This job will run and can be run only once. 

Sync financial dimensions for perpetual maintenance lines – For P+EP subscription plans only this job copies the standard financial dimensions to the “Maintenance/Enhancement” financial dimensions. This job only needs to be run if you make use of P+EP subscriptions and this new feature. This job runs across all companies. 

Data write mappings changes 

CDS Sales Quotation Lines – 

Subscription version difference – 

Downloading the latest Dataverse/CRM/Dual-Write Solutions for Sales Subscription Management 

Please find a step-by-step guide by clicking here

Dataverse zip folder containing solutions linked to this release is called: March2022_Release.zip 

Updated on May 16, 2023

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