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LISA December 2020 Release 10.0.14 – Release Notes


Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations – With the December 2020 version of LISA we are shipping the first integration from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. LISA now contains a landing screen for creating subscription plans and hour entitlements coming from D365-PO via project id sent over from the CE side of D365-PO in the query string of the URL. This requires a D365-Customer Engagement solution to be deployed to the D365-PO application so enable configuration for this integration. 

Project WBS line details improvements - It is now possible to use billing commercial templates when creating subscription plans from WBS details. This allows the user to influence some aspects of the subscription plans such as the “Fixed cycles before renewals” so as to make the subscription plan a time-bound contract. 

Posting project invoice directly from the Subscription management cockpit - By popular demand, it is now possible to post a project sales order invoice directly from the subscription management cockpit without needing to manually create an invoice proposal from the project linked to the subscription plan. Ensure to only use this feature if you do not require to review the invoice before posting and if you do not want to process the project invoice via workflow functionality. 

Reason code improvements - It is now possible to specify default reason codes for specific scenario types such as new plans, renewals. upgrades, downgrades. It is also now mandatory to link a reason code to the reason code types in the Subscription management parameters form. It is recommended to setup these up once and not change them as they are used as the basis in PowerBI AMRR reports in the subscription management workspace. 

Auto-renewal configuration - It is now possible to define queries which influence how subscription plan contracts renew to self. For example, the initial contract was for 3 years but renewal should take place for 1 year based on the auto-renewal configuration. If auto-renewal is not configured, then the contract will renew to the original contract length. This configuration is only used when the “Renew to self” flag is set to true on the renewal options of the subscription plan. 

Improvements to Perpetual + Enhancement Plans - It is now possible to split the yearly maintenance period into multiple billing cycles. It is also possible to schedule billing for a related product after the end maintenance date of the current parent maintenance term. 

Improvements in the subscriptions action inquiry screen - It is now possible to filter for actions starting on a specific month or use main menu or button shortcuts to filter directly on current month or next month. It is also now possible to cancel multiple actions at one go. One reason code can be applied to all selected actions. 

Revenue recognition actions inquiry screen – This new screen filters only on actions of type revenue recognition and allows multiple actions to be posted at one go for example all revenue recognition actions linked to a particular customer or to a particular month. 

Improvements in PowerBI reports and workspaces - Improvements to existing PowerBI reports + AMRR reports which now work based on reason codes. 

Improvements in project hours entitlement functionality – It is now possible to view the entitlement name in the firmed and historical actions tab of the subscription cockpit. It is now possible to adjust the entitlement. A warning is provided if the entitlement changes on a project invoice due to the entitlement being consumed by another invoice. A warning is provided if an invoice is posted from outside the proposal details form warning the user to review the details as they have. 

Various bug fixes and performance improvements 

Data jobs to be executed 

Sync subscription plans and lines reason codes – This job is required for defaulting reason codes on plans and plan lines to adhere to the new reason codes framework which enables easier reporting around churn, renewals etc. Ensure to configure all tabs in the Reason code types form and Reason code tab in Subscription management parameters before running this job. 

Sync PO flag from subscription plan to plan lines – The “Create purchase order” flag is now on the line level. With this job, flags set to the header will be reflected on the line level. This is needed because now the Subscription master process considers the “Create purchase order” flag on the subscription plan line level not the flag on the subscription plan. 

Known issues for this release (will be fixed in January 2021 release) 


Updated on May 16, 2023

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