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LISA BusinessPro December 2022 Wave 1 Release 10.0.29 – Release Notes


Smarter grouping for Subscription Sales order Invoices – When the user modifies the Sales invoice date field on a firmed action then the system now automatically finds all other firmed sales actions linked to the same sales order and update the Sales invoice date on those too. If an action is firmed into an existing sales order due to the “Sales order creation strategy” then the Sales invoice date field is now automatically aligned with those actions already firmed in the same order. If the un-firmed action already has a Sales invoice date a warning is now shown to inform the user that the previous Sales invoice date has been overwritten with the new Sales invoice date of the already firmed sales actions. 

Bug fixes and other functional and performance improvements. 

Known issues 

You can see a list of known issues and their status by clicking here

FinOps Data jobs to be executed 


Data write mappings changes 

LISA Reach Sales Dataverse Dual Write Maps 

CDS sales Quotation header v 

Downloading the latest Dataverse/CRM/Dual-Write Solutions for Sales Subscription Management 

Please find a step-by-step guide by clicking here

LISA Reach Sales Dataverse zip folder containing solutions linked to this release is called: LISAReachSales_Dec2022_Wave1.zip (only dual-write map solution changed) 

LISA Reach Operations Dataverse solutions did not change (refer to previous release notes). 

Updated on May 16, 2023

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